The Ceremony

Why a secular ceremony?

A civil wedding at the town hall/registry office/sheriff’s office is a legal formality, but doesn’t offer the solemnness and emotion of a beautiful ceremony. A religious wedding doesn’t mean anything to non-believers and certain religions don’t accept divorcees.
On the contrary a personalized secular wedding allows you to welcome – in a prestigious or original place (a castle, a family estate, a boat, a beach…) – family and friends so that the day remains truly unforgettable.
A solemn and moving ceremony can also take place for other events: a renewing of vows, the union of two people of the same sex or of different religions, a secular baptism………………
Many of you are looking for an alternative to traditional ceremonies which either don’t suit you or to which you don’t have access. It’s a special moment that you offer to your family, your friends and yourselves; full of tenderness, joy, a sharing of emotions.